4T2 Sensors Partner with EBRI

By August 15, 2017Uncategorized

4T2 Sensors are proud to announce a collaboration with EBRI. Based in Aston the European Bioenergy Research Institute delivers world-class research into all aspects of bioenergy. EBRI has been established since 2007 and bioenergy research has been taking place at the University from as early as 1978. EBRI built a new world-class facility for West Midlands businesses working in bioenergy technologies and component supply chain manufacturers to try out, test and get ready for market new products and processes within this field.

EBRI’s scientific, engineering and business-facing teams will be carrying out research and knowledge transfer in all aspects of bioenergy and technology assisting in the development of 4T2 sensors for bioenergy.

Here is some supporting text for the 4T2Sensors website.