4T2 Sensors draws international investors to Birmingham with innovative real-time fluids sensor

Birmingham-based 4T2 Sensors has attracted six international investors to the region, successfully closing a funding round to allow the further development of its sensors and accelerate adoption within the market.

4T2’s flagship product, the Diemetric Sensor, combines precise electronic sensing with advanced embedded algorithms to determine key properties of fluids in real-time.

Designed for simple integration into industrial process lines, the Diemetric Sensor is targeted at a variety of sectors and industries including food and beverage, oil and gas, biofuels, and plant machinery, where the ability to monitor fluid quality and composition provides real-time process information.

Since incorporation, 4T2 Sensors has developed and tested the first industrial product and is currently engaged with strategic partners to complete validation of the Diemetric Sensor in the field. Max Swinbourne, CEO and Founder at 4T2 Sensors with over 20 years’ experience in industrial markets said:

“We’ve been based on the Innovation Birmingham Campus for around 12 months now, and to raise national and international investment already, spanning between the UK and the US, is a testament to our innovative product and the size of the available market opportunity.

“Our financial backing has come from high net worth individuals, most are founders and senior members of organisations and their experience and guidance will really help us enter new markets, secure future commercial opportunities and gain international exposure. This highlights how the relationship with our investors goes way beyond the cash injection.”

The investment follows the development of successful partnerships put in place by 4T2 Sensors, building relationships with industrial and academic leaders such as the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI) based at Aston University. Co-Founder and Physicist Alex Smith added:

“Being immersed in a vibrant, forward-thinking environment, like the one we’re in at Innovation Birmingham, has helped us think about how we can do things differently to challenge longstanding industry processes and ultimately disrupt the sensor market.”

Of the six investors involved in the current funding round for 4T2 Sensors, five are investing in a Birmingham based technology firm for the very first time.

Having acquired investment, 4T2 Sensors now intends to build a designated test lab, accelerate product development and address several core sectors and applications, whilst increasing its speed to market.

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