Frequently Asked Questions

What is 4T2 sensors?

4T2 sensors is a company set up by ex-colleges from industry to develop a novel approach to sensing.  We noticed that in highly conductive fluids existing sensor technologies and refractometry techniques gave poor performance and required huge maintenance.  Our main activities are research and development into our core technology.

Can I visit 4T2 technologies laboratories?

Our labs, based out of the Bio-Hub are not open to the public and only employees are allowed access.

We are quite happy to send additional information our our sensors.  Simply goto our contact page and get in touch.

How can I work for 4T2?

4T2 frequently takes on interns, and is working with various Universities to place high calibre students who wish to be a part of a fast moving agile company.

We regularly review our needs as a growing company and are always interested in receiving resumes from highly skilled and adaptable individuals.

If you wish to submit your resume please do so via the contact page.  If information submitted will be treated and strickly confidential.

Who is working with 4T2?

4T2 has strong links within academic circles and has worked closely with EBRI, Birmingham University and Aston University.

We have numerous partners within industry.  4T2 respects our industrial partners confidentiality and cannot publicly disclose then unless they decide to do so themselves.

Check our news section to see some of the activities 4T2 has been engaged with recently.

How do I become an investor in 4T2?

4T2 is proud to be working with some of the industries best and highly skilled investors.  We have recently completed a round of investment where individuals skills where valued more than a simple injection of money.

We are not currently seeking investment, however we are keen to keep in contact with the prospective investors.

If you are interested in investing, please get in touch via the contact page and provide us with an overview on how you think you might help.

Is 4T2 having a positive effect on the environment?

4T2 wishes to make an positive effect on environment.  We have been enabling industry to change and adopt greener alternatives by using our sensors.

An example of which is the use of our sensors in bio based oils and lubricants, which are now been readily replaceing mineral based oils.

Bio based oils are highly conductive, meaning existing sensing technologies performance is poor.

4T2 is also applying its technology to the food and drink industries to reduce water consumption.