Our World

4T2 Sensor’s HQ

4T2 sensors is based in the Birmingham Science Park Aston.  Founded in 1982 it is one of the UK’s largest and oldest science parks.  The park is home to some of Europes brightest tech start ups with over 150 companies permanently based here.  The park  provides mentoring and support services – specific to tech start-ups – based on regional, national and international networks. Entrepreneurs in Residence provide personalised support to each start-up and direct access to the most appropriate expertise and experience to drive development of the fledgling businesses. ‘Visiting expert’ sessions also help to ensure that the entrepreneurs have all they need to launch, develop and grow.  

4T2 Sensors Lab

4T2 Sensors laboratories are based out the BioHub Birmingham.  The BioHub is situated on Birmingham Research Park.  Birmingham Research Park is at the heart of the Edgbaston Medical Quarter, a vibrant and collaborative health science community. This cluster is home to 64% of the City’s healthcare economy including 180 medical organisations, 44 GP clinics and routine care facilities and 80 hospitals and specialist care centres.

How We Started

4T2 started when a few ex-colleges where asked to solved an age long problem, build a sensor that can accurately detect the electrical properties of highly conductive fluids.  From the original application in industrial fluids the company has heavily invested in research and development to push high performance sensing in highly ionic fluids.  The company has gained investment from highly skilled individuals across the UK including London and Cambridge areas, and the USA.