A Sensing Revolution


The 4T2 sensor is an inline flow through sensor that detects concentrations, contaminations and mixtures of fluids.    The inspiration of the project came from the markets need to produce a process orientated sensor able to accurately function in highly conductive fluids.  Fluids such Bio-based oils, organic aqueous fluids (food and drink).  Our sensors have no optics or moving parts that hamper other technologies need for regular maintenance.  The sensor is wide ranging enough to operate in mineral oils, and sensitive enough for parts per billion measurements.




Our goal is to bring the latest developments in sensing technology to the market. From better ways of sensing existing applications to solving technologically challenging tasks, we are applying innovation to do it better.

Our sensors

The line up of 4T2 sensors provides industry with a dramatic up lift in sensing performance and fuctionality.  The sensors core ability to sense in highly conductive fluids is complimented by other functions such as configurable dielectric spectroscopy.  This allows our customers to map and finger print the fluids being sensed.  The sensors have been designed for process environments, and as such are an inline solution. They are able to provide real time data logging for trend analysis and communicate via digital data.  To ensure highest accuracy in traditionally challenging conditions, our sensors have on board temperature compensation and monitoring.  The sensor is also highly configurable, please get in contact to see how we are able to provide a customised solution.

About us

4T2 is an enterprise applying a highly innovative and novel approach to sensors that has a promising and bright future. Partnering with industrial and academic leaders, we are applying revolutionary electronic and mathematical solutions to explore the boundaries of sensing technology and provide answers to previously unanswerable questions.

May 17, 2018

4T2 Sensors draws international investors to Birmingham with innovative real-time fluids sensor

Birmingham-based 4T2 Sensors has attracted six international investors to the region, successfully closing a funding round to allow the further development of its sensors and accelerate adoption within the market….

August 15, 2017

4T2 Sensors Partner with EBRI

4T2 Sensors are proud to announce a collaboration with EBRI. Based in Aston the European Bioenergy Research Institute delivers world-class research into all aspects of bioenergy. EBRI has been established since 2007…

July 15, 2017

4T2 Sensors feature in the top ten best climate positive ideas

4T2 Sensors are finalists in the prestigious Climate – KIC venture competition.  Validating, on average, 200 low-carbon and resilience ideas a year, in 14 countries,Climate-KIC entrepreneurs are regularly featured in…

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